Our Company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified By TUV NORD ( cert. No 4410018410094)
We have full traceability of the products right from the base steel ingot or bar, all along the various manufacturing steps.
We purchase the base-material from highly reputed European steel mills, chosen via specific quality criteria.
We carry out internal non-destructive testing during various steps of the manufacturing process, as per our quality guidelines, in accordance with the ISO 9001/2015.

At the final testing phase we can carry out, when required:

  • Non-destructive internal testing such as ultrasonics, hardness, dimensional, dye-penetrant, quantometric chemical analysis, etc., also witnessed by customer nominated authorities.
  • Destructive testing (carried out by ACCREDIA and ISO 17025 qualified independent labs) such as hardness, tensile, hot-tensile, yield stress, elongation, reduction of area, impact (at room or low temperature), corrosion, etc., also witnessed by customer nominated authorities.

logo_TUVNORD.jpg   Certificate No 4410018410094

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